Move keywords for Results (Top 10)

Keywords are words that were used at significantly higher rates in the specific move corpus than in the whole corpus data. Click a keyword or key phrase to check its usage in the Life Science Dictionary Corpus.

To key phrases



l  RM1: Describing Research Results

1. group                                   ex. group than

2. in                                          ex. in the

3. had                                      ex. patients had

4. was                                      ex. there was

5. significantly                         ex. was significantly

6. were                                    ex. were similar

7. patients                                ex. patients in

8. median                                ex. median time

9. significant                            ex. significant differences

10. placebo                              ex. placebo group


l  RM2: Describing Adverse Events

1. adverse                               ex. adverse events

2. group                                   ex. group than

3. events                                  ex. events were

4. in                                          ex. patients in

5. serious                                 ex. serious adverse

6. placebo                                ex. placebo group

7. grade                                   ex. grade 3

8. occurred                              ex. events occurred

9. no                                        ex. were no

10. groups                               ex. two groups